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" To sing is to love and affirm, to fly and soar, to coast to the hearts of the people who listen, to tell them that life is to live, that love is there, that beauty exists, and must be hunted for and found." Joan Baez




Juliet is a Winchester based actress, singer, songwriter, composer and musician and she plays the piano, flute and guitar. 


For any bookings or information, please contact Juliet by using the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on the Contact page, not the boxes. Thank you. 





In October 2014 Juliet returned from Los Angeles having completed her new single 'Light A Candle'. It was, yet again, produced and recorded by Rob Seals at The Sound Boutique Studios in Burbank, LA and mastered by multi award-winning Gavin Lurssen of Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood.


Vocals, harmony vocals, piano and flute - Juliet Howland

Percussion- Ryan Brown

Cello- Ken Oak

Highland Pipes - John Allan

And 'The Light A Candle Choir'



" I am very excited about this song and musically it is certainly the biggest song I've recorded to date. It was an absolute joy to record with Rob Seals, as always, and so exciting to hear the song grow and come together. Hearing the final instrument being added to the song, the Bagpipes, was truly a 'Goose-bump moment'! This song began as a simple song on the piano but I always envisiged something much bigger and the dream was to have Bagpipes and a choir at the end. The dream has been fullfilled! I am so grateful to everyone involved in this song (including my Dad for his part in the choir!) and of course to Gavin Lurssen for his wonderful mastering yet again.

I am also so grateful to everyone who was involved in the making of the video. Thank you! "


LIGHT A CANDLE- Official music video  -  






 Director of Photography- Mark Barrs (www.markbarrs.com)

Editor- Rebecca Lloyd

Director- Martin Skellern

Main cast - Little girl - Isabella Duguid 

Sleeping girl - Hannah Joynes

Sleeping boy- Charlie Cox

And friends and family from all over the world including children and adults from the 'Streethope' Charity in Kenya  ( www.streethope.org.uk )

And a big thank you to St John's Church in Alresford, Hampshire and The Swan Hotel, Alresford.






Her 12 track debut album 'A Promise Of Return' was released under her own record label 'Polyanthus Records' in 2009. It was recorded, produced and mixed in Burbank, Los Angeles, by Rob Seals and was mastered in Hollywood by Gavin Lurssen of Lurssen Mastering. See below for more details.





In November 2013 Juliet composed and recorded the soundtrack for the 27 minute film 'A Quiet Courage' starring Louise Jameson and directed by James Card. The film was part of the Official Selection for The Hollyshorts Film Festival and had its World Premiere at The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on the 22nd of August, 2014.






The song Good Luck' was re-released on her new EP in time for the Olympics and Paralympics and  

'Distant Music' is the trilogy on the EP, comprised of 'Faintly Falling', 'Gretta's Song' and 

1Innocent Love'. In April 2012 she went back to Los Angeles to record  'Innocent Love' with Rob Seals her producer. It is the third and final part of the trilogy. All three pieces were inspired by James Joyce's short story 'The Dead', from Dubliners which is viewed as one of the most beautifully executed stories in the English language, and by the highly acclaimed John Huston film, 'The Dead', starring Anjelica Huston and Donal McCann.


Juliet will be filming a new short film/music video for the trilogy 'Distant Music' which will be released early next year.


" I am enormously grateful to Anjelica Huston, who plays Gretta in the film, and to the family and estate of Donal McCann, who sadly passed away in 1999, who plays Gabriel, for their blessing and support for the making of my film. I read the story 'The Dead' many years ago and fell in love with it but even more so when I saw the film. Their performances were also a great inspiration for me whilst writing and composing this piece." Juliet



Juliet plays the piano and flute on 'Distant Music' and sings lead and harmony vocals. (See the bottom of this page for details of the other musicians).


Innocent Love

Here is a live recording of the last chorus of 'Innocent Love' which was recorded at the Tichborne Arms Festival, August 2013. 








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 Both CD's are also available by mail order through Polyanthus Records on the 'Shop' page (click the 'on this site' link above).







promise_of_returnJuliet's debut album, A Promise of Return, was produced, recorded and mixed by Rob Seals (seals.com) at The Sound Boutique Studios, Burbank, Los Angeles, (www.thesongwritingschool.com) , and was mastered by four-time Grammy winner, Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood. Gavin won his third Grammy for his work on the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss album, 'Raising Sand', which won album of the year and Reuben worked extensively on the award-winning soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire. They have mastered numerous award winning songs, albums and soundtracks. They mastered the Coen Brother's film 'Inside Llewyn Davies' , the TV series 'Nashville' and 'Game of Thrones' and recent albums include 'The Foo Fighters' and the new Jackson Browne album and Pharrell's single 'Happy', to name but a few.


To listen to the tracks, go to the bottom of the page or go to I-tunes, Amazon or CDBaby by following the links above.




An Angel By Your Side

" Yesterday morning, Sunday 19th Aug, 2012, Aled Jones played my song 'An Angel By Your Side', the last song on the album, on his 'Good Morning Sunday' show on Radio 2. I wrote it five months after my brother died. It just popped into my head one day as I sat with my guitar. I am very grateful to Aled and his producer, Janet McClarty, to have played this song which means so much to me. Thank you.'



'An Angel By Your Side' from A Promise Of Return, on Aled Jones' 'Good Morning Sunday'


Please click here to listen to this song




In November 2011 Juliet was invited out to Singapore by the band Veda9 to perform at The Esplanade. More photos from the concert can be seen on this website in the 'Gallery' .


Here are two live songs - 'In Time' written by Veda9, with Juliet on backing vocals and flute, and the live performance of the old whaling song, 'Farewell to Tarwathie' , sung by Juliet.


Live in Singapore.


'Farewell to Tarwathie' - http://youtu.be/xHMK0BAFmPA


'In Time' - http://youtu.be/lMBMn1vTgPQ  




Juliet Howland


The 'Good Luck for 2013' Video, January 2013.  





The ' Good Luck' video, January 2010




'An Angel By Your Side'
BBC Radio Solent, live on the Sally Taylor Show. 13th Feb 2010





A montage from the gig at the 115 Club, Bridge House Hotel, Bridport in April 2012, put to the song 'Her Hidden Past' from Juliet's album 'A Promise of Return'. Photographs and compilation were by Roger of the Bridge House Hotel.






“Juliet's songs have such a marvellous intensity and integrity to them. They feel like old English folk songs that might   have been sung for generations. We worked hard to make them at once sonically contemporary and aesthetically timeless. The instrumental compositions have all the moving elements of  a  great  film score. It was an honor to help this talented artist record her first record.”
Rob Seals, Producer


" Juliet is a very special actor/singer. Her music is very entertaining and enjoyable. But what makes her music so special is that she sings from the heart.  It is her gift to us."   

"'Innocent Love' is captivating and moving not only because of the music and lyrics but because of Juliet's sincerity."

David Suchet, Actor

'(A Promise Of Return)  is one of the most accomplished and refined pieces by a debut Hampshire artist for a long time."  
Warwick Payne , Hampshire Chronicle

"Tantalising music"
Alun Davies , musician, songwriter and guitarist for Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam

Sally Taylor, BBC Radio Solent

''Juliet's heartfelt lyrics and poetic melodies are beautifully matched to the purity and honesty of her voice. One truly talented lady and one to watch...'' 

 Scott Crae, photographer, The Railway.




The Railway, Winchester ( July 9th 2016)

The Tichborne Beer Festival ( Aug 2016)

The Alresford Music Festival ( June 2016)

The Northbrook Arms Beer Festival (May 2016)

The Towers Party, The Isle of Wight (July 2015)

The Winchester Hat Fair (July 2015)

The Tichborne Beer Festival, Tichborne,Hants (June 2015)

The Railway, Winchester (June 2015)

The Good Causes Concert, Alresford (May 2015)

Juliet Live

The opening of The Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market (Nov. 2014)

'Trout 'n' About' Festival, Stockbridge. (August 2014)

The Towers Party, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight (July 2014)

The Black Horse Beer and Music Festival,West Tytherley (July 2014)

Charity performance for 'The Haven Breast Cancer Unit' (Hunton Manor, July 2014)

The Gratton Festival (June 2014)

The Tichborne Beer

Festival(June 2014)

The Alresford Music Festival with the band.(June 2014)

The East Stratton Ale Festival ( May 2014)

The Pumpkin Festival (Netley Abbey,October 2013)

The Tichborne Arms Beer Festival(Tichborne, August 2013)

The Beggars Fair(Romsey, July 2013)

The Gratton Festival(Sutton Scotney, July 2013) 

The Alresford Music Festival,June 2013(Alresford, Hampshire)

The National Theatre,London(Feb,2013)

The Milbury's,Hampshire(Jan 2013)
The National Theatre,London(Dec 2012)

Farewell to the tall ship, Lord Nelson.Southampton (Oct '12)

The Pumpkin Festival, Netley (Oct 2012)

The National Theatre, London (Oct 2012)
The National Theatre, London (Sept 2012)

The Tichborne Beer Festival,Tichborne.(Aug 2012)

The Beggars Fair, Romsey( July 2012)

St James' Tavern, Winchester (June 2012)
The National Theatre, London (May 2012)

115 Club, Bridport (April 2012)

The National Theatre, London (Feb 2012)

The National Theatre, London (Dec 2011)

The Esplanade, Singapore (Nov 2011)

Capella, Sentosa, Singapore (Nov 2011)

Pulau Ubin, Singapore (Nov 2011)

The National Theatre, London (Sept 2011)

The Hat Fair, Winchester (July 2011)

The National Theatre, London (June 2011)

The National Theatre, London (April 2011)

The White Swan, Winchester (Feb.2011)

Help for Heroes,charity event (Dec. 2010)

The National Theatre, London (Oct. 2010)

St James Tavern, Winchester (2009/2010/2011)

The Railway, Winchester (2010)

Blissfields Festival, (July 2009)










All the songs are written and composed by Juliet and on the recording she sings lead and harmony vocals and plays the piano, flute and guitar.




1. Faintly Falling   2. Gretta's Song   3. Drowning In Your Eyes   4. Good Luck  5. Meadowsong 

6. You Held My Hand   7. Her Hidden Past   8. Life Is A Game   9. Goodnight Darling 

10. A Promise Of Return    11. The Sunlight of Rome   

12. An Angel By Your Side (extra track on CD)


The other musicians on the album are:

Ryan Brown - Percussion, drums ; Beth Balmer - Irish Fiddle, Irish Whistle, Viola, Accordian, Rhodes, Organ ;  Stevie Blacke - Cello (Gretta's Song / A Promise of Return) ;

Cameron Stone - Cello (The Sunlight of Rome) ;  Joe Karnes - Upright Bass, Bass ;
Rob Seals - Acoustic,Electric and High-strung guitars, Mandolin


"A big thank you to everyone involved"









Juliet and the band at The Tichborne Beer Festival in June 2014 -







 Although still primarily a solo artist, in May 2014 Juliet teamed up with Giles Fletcher (guitar) whom she had previously performed with, George Haworth (bass) and Mike Tresair (drums) to form '3 Hats and a Hen'. So far they have performed together at The Alresford Music Festival 2014 and The Tichborne Beer Festival 2014. (The 'Feathered Hen' in the photo was called Cecily...who is sadly no more...).


For more up to date photographs, go to the Facebook link at the bottom.


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